Friday, December 22, 2006

Where do they get it?

Last night it took quite a few trips to get Isaiah down for the night. Like any good two-year-old he kept toddling back into the living room for one thing or another. The first couple times he and Lillian just wanted to say "hi" I suppose. Then he needed a drink of water, then a trip to the potty. (He only asks to go to the bathroom when he wants to avoid sleeping.)

The next time he had to tell me he wanted to play Dora (video game. He's already beat it twice but he won't give it up.) when he woke up. We discussed it briefly and I took him back to bed. We were probably up to about 5 trips at this point. Then he sneaks quietly in with his finger out and tells me,

"Mommy, I got a booger." Great, just what every proud parent wants to hear. He's got a skill. As Aaron pointed out, at least he came and told us instead of devising his own disposal methods. We took care of the booger. When Daddy took him back to bed he mentioned that he'd like spaghetti for lunch the next day.

"Yeah, fine, ok spaghetti. Now go back to bed, please!" But here he came again.

"Do we eat broccoli?"

"Yes, we do, but not at 9:45. Now please, please go sleep!" We added broccoli to the lunch menu. Then there was another trip to tell me that he'd like water to drink with his broccoli and spaghetti tomorrow.

His last journey out to the living room was to tell me he wanted to go to New York. Yeah, I don't know either. When he was done in New York he would fly in an airplane back to Corn.

"Great. Glad to hear it. We'll miss you while you're gone. Don't forget to see the Statue of Liberty. You can't travel without a good night's sleep, though."

I think that was it. I think he finally went to sleep then. Maybe I should cut out his naps, or maybe someone slipped something caffeinated in his burger at supper. In any case, I can see the next few years being frustrating and very, very funny.

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Anonymous said...

I have heard one of the best tactics for this is the first time explain to your child he or she needs to go to bed, the second time just say do not get out of bed again, and from then on do not say ANYTHING to your child. Ignore all questions, comments and such. Just take him or her back to bed..... I said this isn't from experience but I have heard it works. OK, OK so I saw it on Super Nanny....and I don't even really watch it except on occasion (like 4 times ever) but every time that's worked. Sometimes it starts out taking an hour, but eventually it dwindles down....

...oh and my friend used this tactic for her 3 year old, it worked. they are only getting up for attention, so if they don't get attention, why get up?