Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Finding the 99

Once again nap time is sheep fest here in our little home. Isaiah finally fell asleep after I found several different sheep for him. They were all on his bed, but because his room is pitch dark Mommy had to find them and tuck them in before he was satisfied. First was Lillian; then he wanted Vivian, who is a huge toddler-sized sheep. In the process of getting Vivian up where she was supposed to be I heard the plushy thwomp of another animal hitting the floor, but hoped he hadn't heard it. No such luck. As I left the room I heard him calling, "Who fell? Mommy, who fell? Who is down there?" So I had to go check. As I handed him the little sheep that fell I said, "Here, it was Lillian." He tucked it up under his chin and rolled over, saying, "No, it's Evelyn." He was right, of course. I mispoke. I guess the shepherd really does know his sheep.

This picture is from the other night when Isaiah was pretending to be a shepherd. He had the blanket up over his head for most of the evening. Pretty cute. The Sheep featured is Lillian, who is probably the favorite.

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Anonymous said...

So sweet.