Saturday, December 09, 2006

Home Improvement

It is stunning how much money one can spend at Lowes. Everything is fairly reasonable, or, at least, there are fairly reasonable products in every category. Altogether, though, the total is shocking every time. It doesn't help that we're buying things like lumber, doors, windows, flooring etc. but it makes my poor husband flinch and quake every time we check out.

It's so hard, too, to make a decision, because there are so many options. Choosing ceiling fans was particularly difficult, because they have so many cool fans. (We ended up buying some boring alternatives.) There was a pink one (Would've looked great in Miriam's room) a bright colored one (Would've been great in the playroom) and one with two fans and a light between them. (Would've looked cool anywhere.) But, oh well.

I'm not sure how much will end up going into this house, but I think we'll have to live in it for a long time to make it worth all the blood, sweat and tears. Luckily, we don't have any plans to live anywhere else, so, God willing, we'll be here for awhile.

Update: We are still living in the dorm. We'll move into our "new" house in May when school is finished.

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Anonymous said...

so are you still in the dorms?

btw- I ordered your toy should be in at my house this week. would it be ok if i just brought it to you the weekend before christmas (we'll be there friday i think) i could mail it but i don't know how much ti would cost....