Sunday, April 28, 2013

I Smell Something Burning...

Tonight on the U.S.S. Bedlam. (Also known as Zaya's bed.)

Cast of characters:
Zaya - A little boy with a big imagination
Crimson - A plush dragon with a hot temper
Blankeet - A blue and white striped blanket that achieved sentience just this year
Lillian - A sheep and long time faithful friend
Mommy - A tired woman who has been convinced to come and snuggle before bedtime

Mommy: (crawling up onto the U.S.S. Bedlam to perform snuggling duties) Zaya, I see that Lillian has joined the crew. Do she and Crimson actually get along?

(brief silence)

Crimson: (deep, throaty voice) Well...sometimes I do dream about mutton...

Lillian: Eep! Help! Zaya help! He's a cannibal!

Mommy: He would only be a cannibal if you were a dragon. He's just a carnivore.

(Lillian slowly edges away from Crimson.)

(Mommy gives a Blankeet wrapped Zaya a hug)

Mommy: Whenever I snuggle with you, I'm automatically snuggling with Blankeet too.

Blankeet: Tssssst.

(Crimson comes and snuggles between Mommy and Zaya)

Crimson: Meep

(Lillian piles on top of Crimson)

Lillian: Maaaaa

(Mommy hugs the whole huge pile and doles out kisses. She clambers out of the bed and exits stage right.)

(Mommy then realizes that for most of the time, she didn't actually get to speak with Zaya. Who was, ironically, the one who requested the snuggles in the first place.)

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Lilibeth said...

Kids turn you insane.