Thursday, April 25, 2013


Here are more examples of the ways my children entertain themselves when they might otherwise be getting their school-work done.

Zaya saw a picture on the internet of words that were self-referential. (i.e. the word exit where the 'x' was a running man and the 'i' looked like a door) He was inspired, and decided to add a little extra fun to his Bible notes. These words are from separate sentences, by the way. I did not have him write notes about dead people.

Mim has a book which gives you a prompt and part of a drawing, then asks you to complete it with your own ideas and imagination. The text on this page was "What would you take on a desert island?"

She decided she would want to take a large house, on a large boat. I think she's missed the point in some way there, but at the same time it makes sense. If you're imaginng anyway, why not take a house, and a big boat. It means you're not really "stranded" per se, but I suppose that didn't appeal to her.

The thing I enjoyed the most was the "ocean-water filters" in the attic of her house, (There are also bottles of water there, she says.) and the pile of lemons and limes in the basement. She said those are included so that no one will die of scurvy.

Works for me.

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Lilibeth said...

If it was Bible class, and you were studying the History books, you would have a lot of cases of dead people. I love their imaginations though. They are so creative.