Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Snow Days

Between Influenza B and the Oklahoma snow, we've had more days home than not in the last few weeks.

Here's how we occupy ourselves when we're not trying to finish the insane amount of make-up work that they have from school. (A Beka requires way too much handwriting!)

Mim builds towers. Here are two of them. In the second, Barbie (unclothed, as usual) is "reading a story" to the other characters.

Mim also plays in the snow when I will let her. So does Zay, but I don't have a picture of him.

Zay plays video games whenever I'll let him.

He likes to play the piano as well, but rarely plays the actual songs that he supposed to practice for this weeks lesson. For instance, today, he's pulled out his old primer book from last year and is playing through it again.

I do dishes. And cook. And then do dishes again.

I also get crazy schemes in my head to sort through all the kids' nonfiction and make a list on the computer by category. Yes, these books did get put away again before Art got home.

Oh, and Mim also takes pictures with my camera. Below are two of her pictures. The Gecko's name is Coyote and the fish is Long John.


Lilibeth said...

Well at least Barbie has hair, and all the children seem to be listening well. Looking at the magnetic tower I have to say there seems to be no doubt that Mim is going to be an engineer.
As for Zay, just let him play...any piano practice at all is pretty good.

Chandelle said...

I agree that Mim's tower was amazing. Be encouraged that spring will come again.

Johanna said...

Nice pictures Mim!! :)

@lici@ said...

"I do dishes. And cook. And then do dishes again."

Funny, I find myself doing the same thing!

aftergrace said...

Long winter days are tough on little one-as well as grown ups who are trying to entertain little ones! :) Looks like you all have been busy, and getting through this latest cold snap.
hang in there, spring is just around the bend.