Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ambrosial Canaries

The Teeson family is officially in day 2 of quarantine. Zaya came down with the flu (the sniffly, coughy, fevery kind) and we were instructed by the clinic doctor that he cannot go back to school until Monday.

So we have been playing house for a couple days, and will continue to do so tomorrow. He's feeling much better, (thank you, God, for Tamiflu) and is now at the "bored" stage. I'm trying to limit the video games, because it's been a little ridiculous lately. However, hours of them have been played in the last two days. I'll start being a good mom later. Probably.

Mim, not being sick, started out at the bored stage. "But Mommy, I just want somebody to play with me." Of course, we all know who that "somebody" is. She decided she wanted to help me clean this afternoon, so she's sweeping the hall with her broom.

After a short walk to get the mail, we decided that it was so beautiful outside, we weren't really ready to go back in yet. After a little running around with wagon and some bike riding, (just Mim and Mommy) Mim came in and got a couple of towels for enhanced sunbathing experience. Never mind that we're all wearing sweats. The sun on our feet and faces was enough. Zaya stayed out for a while to read his Baby Blues comic book.

I have spent the last two days in almost total self-indulgence as I re-re-re-re-read two of my favorite books. Dorothy Sayers's Gaudy Night and Busman's Honeymoon. If you're going to read them, however, I would recommend starting with the earlier Lord Peter Wimsey stories. You at least have to read Strong Poison and Have his Carcase* first. I'm now doing penance by cleaning the kitchen and living room. Again. Well, I say now, but I mean before and after this little bloggy interlude.

*British spelling for 'carcass'.


Lilibeth said...

We need the down time every now and then, and Dorothy Sayers is excellent. I'm still working on the mystery collection I downloaded to my Kindle in December. Some of them are really good. I have forgotten that I actually liked Wilkie Collins and his somewhat rambling style that develops personalities. If you haven't downloaded it, you should. It's well worth the money; in fact I think it's free or at least just 99 cents.

aftergrace said...

It's always tough when the little ones are sick. I suppose it's tough when the "big" ones are too. Sounds like you had a pretty good day though-sunshine and then curled up with a good book or two!