Sunday, February 20, 2011

It is To Laugh

Here are some of Zaya's newest jokes.

(At a late-night McDonald's where half of the golden arches were not working.)

"Look, a Lunar McClipse!"

"What do you call a baby bird that says his pledge to the flag every morning and evening?"
"A Pledgling"

What's the best dressed fish in the ocean?
A swordfish. He always looks sharp!"

(Inspired by his accidental mispronunciation of the word pepper)

"Where does Peeper go when you eat it?"
"To your urethra"

OK, so the last one is disgusting. But he's a guy, I guess, so potty humor is going to factor into the next several years of my life, whether I like it or not.


Lilibeth said...

Not bad for a six year old. I like the mclipse and the pledgling.

Chandelle said...

He is very humorous - much more so than I am. I love it!

aftergrace said...

Too funny, love little kid's humor. It is still so sweet..and then they turn into teenagers....