Monday, September 27, 2010


When people tell me that they are amazed at the time and effort I spend for my Hispanic friends, I have to laugh.

I wish they could see how much they do for me. My friends will talk to me about anything, which means I get to do the same. They have taught me Spanish, which is a wonderful gift. They give of themselves and their talents constantly. They make me jewelry and food. They find clothes for me and my children. They're absolutely fantastic ladies.

My life would be so much less without them. What are ESL classes and the occasional errand compared to that kind of relationship?

Here is tonight's supper, courtesy of my good friend Maria. She says that I am her angel, but little does she know...

The kids are very grateful too, for obvious reasons.


Julie K. said...

oh my! That looks delicious! I wish I could cook like that!

Chandelle said...

:) You and them have so much to give to one another and people! That is what great friendships are made with.

aftergrace said...

Breaking bread together, that's what fellowship is all about!!!