Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Amazing Invisible Fish

Zaya bought a few fish several weeks ago, one of which is a "glass cat". I think we used to call them x-ray fish. But whatever.

The point is that glass cats, being basically transparent, are hard to spot. All you really see is a backbone, some ribs, and a few tiny organs floating around in the tank. (Hence the fish's name- Backbone.)

Backbone disappeared several weeks ago. We assumed he was dead, but we couldn't find his body, being, as I've said, all but invisible. Art said we should take the plant and the little castle out of tank and see if he died in there, because it wasn't good for the tank if a fish and his mortal coil were left to finish out the universal cycle of life in a small, five-gallon tank.

But we never got around to it. Mostly because I am, let's face it, lazy.

Yesterday evening, though, Backbone was spotted again swimming around! Seriously, it's been weeks! I have no idea where that fish was all that time. I suppose he was hiding out in the castle.

I guess I would too if all my inner organs were available for constant viewing.


Johanna said...

Those fish are so cool. Glad Backbone is still around. :)

Scribbit said...

I think we do have that as humans--they're called supermodels.

Chandelle said...

Those fish are awesome! And obviously, mysterious.

Lilibeth said...

Amazing. I bet they were thrilled to see the backbone back.

aftergrace said...

They are very cool, Alli wants some for her new tank.

oldegg said...

It looks as though Backbone's defence mechanism works perfectly and he just demonstrated that to you, or perhaps he was just on holiday.