Friday, June 04, 2010


Art bought a few more PVC connectors, and he and Mim now have marshmallow launchers as well.

Here are my three sharpshooters.

Believe it or not, Art shot a marshmallow at me that actually left a bruise on my leg. He prefaced this action with, "Hey, tell me if this hurts!"

Yes, it does, actually.

So he and the kids set up a shooting gallery. As you can see, it has a slightly medieval flair. I took this picture at the exact moment that the parrot was falling off the top of the castle after another extremely accurate shot by Art.

There are marshmallows all over my hallway, and I'm sure there are still some escapees in the living room and kitchen. If I'm invaded by ants, I will have to have a discussion with the infantry.


Lilibeth said...

I'm sure the designer of this particular Fisher-Price Toy never dreamed the characters would have to defend their home against aliens with marshmallow canons.What excellent fun.

Chandelle said...

Looks like fun times at your house!We always found that the marshmallows got all sticky and didn't shoot well.

aftergrace said...

Too funny! A marshmellow bruise???