Friday, June 11, 2010

Lago Sycamore

This last Tuesday we went out to my parent's cabin. They've worked and worked on it over the last couple years, and it is now quite a few steps above camping, but rough enough that you feel like you're having an outdoor experience. Which is to say, perfect for escaping from your hot house and distracting your children from the occasional monotony of summer.

The kids love going to the cabin, and they especially love swimming in the lake, As long as they're wearing their floatie swimsuits, I love it too.

For some reason there were a lot of large feathers along the shoreline, and these became integral to the whole "playing in the lake" experience.


Lilibeth said...

I think there must have been some ducks around somewhere.
Camp sycamore, huh?

Chandelle said...

Oooh - looks like much fun!

aftergrace said...

I think I need a floaty swimsuit! Do they come in "big people's size?"