Friday, June 18, 2010

It Is To Laugh

Here are some Zaya jokes. He's been making up his own this year. Be prepared.

Q: What do Oysters eat at Arby's?

A: Pearl-y fries. Get it mom? Curl-y fries - Pearl-y fries? Get it?

Q: Why are English people like fruit?

A: They live in Grape Britain.

(Actually that originally involved Arabs and A-Grape-ia.)

Q: What is a t-shirt's favorite food:

A: Roast Button. (Get it Mom? Roast Button - Roast Mutton? I got it from the Hobbit, chapter 2. Get it?)

Q: Why is a plant like a camera?

A: It uses photo-synthesis.

Q: Why do people in Mongolia (or China, depending on his mood) kick a lot?

A: Because they're Boot-ist.

There are others that I can't remember just off the top of my head. The conversation that takes place after the answers to Jokes #1 and 3 also takes place after every answer. If you don't break into absolute hysterics, he assumes you didn't get it.

He's also now the proud owner of a large trophy that says that his Junior High gymnastics team got first place. Actually, it's a trophy for "First Place in Asking if He Could Have an Old Trophy" while his gymnastics coach was cleaning out the old gym. He's as proud of that thing as he would be if he'd actually achieved something to win it.

Here the kids are trying to have serious faces. Why? Not a clue.

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