Thursday, May 06, 2010

Track Meet 2010

We had our track meet this Monday, and, as usual, there was a mixture of heartbreak and victory.

Both kids lost their races. As in, they were the last kid to cross the finish line, and they were both in tears. Mim insists that she wasn't crying because she lost, but because she was scared, which I believe actually.

That's Mim in the pink skirt and brown shirt.

Mim got first place in the standing broad jump, though...

And yes, we did change clothes half-way through the day, because Mommy overdressed her daughter. I keep forgetting that she gets hot about 10 degrees before I do.

Zaya got second and third in the standing and running jumps respectively.

Check out those fantastic actions shots! First of their kind coming from this camera. I finally figured out how to wait for the right moment.

The jumps were always my favorite part of track meet, too, so we talked about that and they felt much better. Mim also received several other ribbons, but she was one of only four little girls her age, while Zaya was competing against 12 or 13 other little boys, so I tried to cheer them equally, and explain the difference.

Zaya doesn't have his ribbons yet in this picture, but he does have a gigantic lollipop, because there's nothing to console a despairing athlete like a piece of candy the size of his whole mouth.

After they received their ribbons, we left to tour the local cemetary, because that's what they really wanted to do. They asked all sorts of questions about the graves, and we had various spiritual and biological discussions. What better way to put a little perspective on some silly games.


@lici@ said...

Carolyn is quick to heat up, too. And let me tell you how irresponsible I feel going out with her dressed in short sleeves. . .and taking a sweater for myself. :-)

Chandelle said...

Congratulations on the track events. We missed not having one this year. Sounds like you've been having wonderful moments with your children.

Lilibeth said...

Just gotta make sure they finish the race that matters. You are doing a good job preparing them for that.

aftergrace said...

Great photos! It's good that you're teaching them about what "the game" is really about-not always winning, but finishing what we start!

Anonymous said...

I love the action shots. I also love the combination of track meet/cemetary touring.