Monday, May 17, 2010

Go Play Outside!

I had to take this picture, because it cracks me up, but don't let it fool you. They really do love jumping on their trampoline too. They literally spend hours on it every day, especially Zaya.

Today it has been a gloriously 'outside' kind of day, with jumping, biking, splashing, sliding and generally living life to its fullest. I am looking forward, with cautious optimism, to the summer.

Only two days of school left, and they are really just picnics. All the parents and teachers are praying for good weather and happy children. Tomorrow night Zaya graduates from Kindergarten, complete with hat. Silly, but oh well. It won't hurt the little guys to feel some pride in their academic achievements.

Anyway, here's to summer, and all the sweet sunshine!

Guess what Mim is eating. Go on, guess. Give up? It's a bell pepper. She loves them. She told me today that there was no need for me to cut it up. She just ate the whole thing.


aftergrace said...

I eat bell peppers like apples too! I love 'em. Looks like th kids are enjoying their time in the sun-good for them. Summer vacation zips by way too fast.

Chandelle said...

Dellen and Mim have very similar tastes! It has been gorgeous though! Perfect for your final days at school.

Carmi said...

You captured that moment with such grace: They'll cherish this picture when they're older.

And the bell pepper? Priceless!

Chapter Forty said...

My Little Miss also loves capsicums, peppers as you call them. She saw yellow ones in the supermarket the other day and pestered me to buy one. At least its not sweets and chocolate