Thursday, October 01, 2009

Pet Update

All of the pets are doing well. We even found Luva. I set a couple live mouse traps and woke up the next morning to one very irritated hamster in a little gray box. The cages have been cleaned, but Mim's room continues to smell like hamster pee. I'm at a loss, really. Luva has also turned almost completely white. (She's supposed to.) (I think.)

Two new pets have been added to the total. Both children decided to keep a caterpiller, so Mim has a green one (Now in its pupa stage) and Zaya has a fuzzy orange one, still crawling around in its jar and pooping like nobody's business.

Zaya has also lost a bit of his interest in his hermit crabs because of their complete inability to be even remotely interesting. They crawl around. We have proof because we see their tracks in the morning, but if it were just a matter of personal observation you wouldn't even know they were alive. Not very exciting for a five year old. He has now decided that he wants a ferret. I have told him that the answer is "no" in no uncertain terms, but I think he continues to hope.


Johanna said...

yeah, ferrets are cute but boy do they stink. Just their normal musky smell but it's really strong.
To get the pee smell out of Mim's room you'll probably want to mop the floor and wash anything that was on the floor.

Lilibeth said...

Well if it's freshly scented rooms you're concerned about, I'd stay firm on the no ferret zone. Maybe an aquarium would be a compromise...he does like sea creatures. . .or a for the hamster pee smell, I think it just comes with animals.

aftergrace said...

Glad you found the lost hamster, it's kind of creepy to think of where it might have been hiding. Was it in Mim's room?

Carina said...

Well, I didn't think about that, but I suppose there might be some on the floor from when the escaped. I'll have to give it a good mopping.

Luva was found in the same place as Goki: our den.

Anonymous said...

If your nose is sensitive to hamster contributions, I think that it would just wither up and die from ferret odor. :)

Qtpies7 said...

Yeah, I've been fighting the begging for a ferret for YEARS. I think they have finally given up on it. But then I have the next two to get through.
But the whole dog thing has about pushed us to the edge of never having any pets in the house EVER.