Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Life and Raindrops

It has rained a lot in the last couple weeks. I like rain. I even like foggy, cloudy days, but it was nice to have a few days of sunshine when we did. Now the rain is back, and so the children and I are cooped up inside again.

I've also had a cold for about three weeks. It affects various parts of my respiratory system, but only one part at a time. There was about a week of bad earaches, a week of nose issues, and now a week of that dry, itchy throat cough. Ugh.

I realize that you don't care about that, I'm just letting the world in general know. It's made me even more apathetic than normal about important things in my life, like cleaning, cooking and, oh, anything else that requires motivation and self-discipline.

The kids, however, are fine. They're just as crazy as ever. Sometimes more so.

Mim has decided that school is not as much fun as she thought it was, and she'd rather stay home with Mommy. Every morning she has the mysterious tummy ache and says she doesn't want to go to school. Every morning she goes anyway and is perfectly fine once she gets there. Fun stuff.


Chandelle said...

Cute pic! This weather will zap motivation out of most everyone. Hope you will completely feel well soon.

aftergrace said...

I DO care that you've been sick! I hope you get better soon.

Children on the other hand seem to bounce right back from whatever sickens them, it's a good thing too. They'd drive us nuts if they didn't.

Lilibeth said...

They are still using the leopard skin, I see. It is a great picture. You are right about the weather. I'm majorly stressed out and going insane. My students are not helping. Ah well, keep posting. It keeps me from just crawling away to a corner and hibernating in distress.