Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Beat Goes On

Here are a few of the strange things a fly on the wall might have experienced in the last few days here.

These are my two little warriors. They were playing outside this way, and both seemed perfectly happy with their choice of weapon. Luckily, they weren't actually going after each other. That sword was one that Art made when he was but a wee lad.

This is Mim pretending to be the Sphinx. At first she called it, "The Statue of Liberty, you know, the one in Egypt." She did that in the middle of devotions one night and cracked us up.

Then Zaya came up with this one in the hall after he'd brushed his teeth. He said, "Look. I'm a statue of DNA. It's all twisty." You'd have to see him standing there in nothing but his little white shorts to get the full effect, but let me just tell you it's hilarious. I don't think he understood why Mommy and Daddy were laughing so much, but he was proud of the result anyway.

I don't have a good picture of it, but we had to play "Cell Wars!" this afternoon. First, we were white blood cells. Zaya was a lymphocyte, and Mim and I were Macrophages. Then I wanted to be a neutrophil, but Zaya said, "Mom, can you pick one that doesn't self-destruct please?" He knows I'll use that to make the game shorter. "Oops, I ate the bacteria and now I'm dead. You two carry on."

Then he decided it would be more fun to be bacteria. He wanted to be cholera, so I was gangrene. After that we were viruses. Zaya was smallpox, Mim was the flu and I was hepatitis. And you have to play these games just right, too. I daren't go attacking cells that I wouldn't naturally be a part of. If you're cholera, you attack the intestines, hepatitis the liver, etc.

Needless to say, I'm discovering that motherhood can be as mentally exhausting as it is emotionally and physically.

Oh, and one more thing. Last week the Spanish teacher asked the kids to come up with things that were verde (green). Apparently Zaya yelled out "shigella bacteria!" Then she had to draw it on the board and he was trying to explain what it looked like.

I have a lot of interesting discussions with their teachers....


Lilibeth said...

That's hilarious. What weapon does Zaya have? It looks dangerous. Please take it away before I have a coronary.

Chandelle said...

This is too funny! I'm busting up! I love that Zaya challenges his teachers in a further growth sort of way. And Mim and her sphinx pose is precious!

Johanna said...

That's so funny. I can just see his teacher, "what?" lol!

aftergrace said...

Glad to hear the kids are keeping you on your toes.
How are you all feeling? Are the colds gone?

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Love the picture of Mim as the Sphinx!