Monday, April 27, 2009

Family Outing

We took a spontaneous family trip to the Science Museum this Saturday. It was great! The kids loved the museum and we had to drag them away from it finally so we could all go eat.

When I was little it was called the Omniplex, and was loads of fun, but nowhere near as kid friendly as it is now. They've got all sorts of areas now especially for young children. I have to admit, I was disappointed to see the big molecule jungle gym and the moon swing were gone, but they've added so much I could hardly complain. Hardly. Just a little.

After we toured the whole museum several times and Isaiah stared enthralled at a 40 minute planetarium show (I got tired before he did, really) we all drove to Tokyo. No, not the capital of Japan, a Sushi restaurant in OKC. Art had heard good things about it from co-workers, and he likes odd food, so why not?

I have to say that I wasn't quite as thrilled with it as he was, but then I'm just not real interested in the idea of eating raw fish, no matter how beautifully it's displayed.

We rounded out our trip with a visit to Super Cao Nguyen. A great Asian market with everything you could possibly imagine from the countries of the far east. I'm sure it seems Americanized to them, but it seems very foreign to us. The smell is even different. I think it might be my new favorite store, just because there is so much that is so new and interesting to us. I had to sort and reorganize my pantry today just to fit everything we bought in there.

The only thing bad about our little excursion, was that I forgot my camera! Art didn't understand what the big deal was. I will definitely have to take them back soon, just so I can get pictures. Pathetic and womanly of me, I realize, but reality nonetheless.


aftergrace said...

What a fun day! You're right, you must go back so you can get photos. It adds much to the memories years down the road.

I'm with you, sushi is not my thing either.

Erica said...

Neither pathetic nor "womanly" in the way that you mean- these are precious moments to remember, your family is blessed that you want to capture them (says the woman who gets paid to take photos, ha!). And I'm so sad to hear that the molecule gym and moon swing are gone- is the "shadow room" (i've no idea what it was really called...) still there?

Tendrils said...

I would do that too! I hate when I forget the camera! Or worse, when you're having so much fun and you forget to take pictures!!!!