Friday, April 03, 2009


This morning I made an unexpected and sudden stop at Walgreens to buy the following: 409 spray cleaner, Lysol spray, Arm and Hammer Pet Fresh Odor Eliminator, disposable gloves, cheap rags and towels, and trash bags. If they offered cars, I might would've traded right then and there.

Can anyone out there guess what happened in my car this morning while I was on the interstate overpass? Let me give you a hint. Zaya didn't go to school today after all.

Oh, and then I dropped my cell phone in the bathtub while helping a certain son of mine wash himself. It is in pieces on the bookshelf. It may or may not work in the future. Only time will tell. Many things, actually.

If any of you want to contact me for any reason, it'll have to be by e-mail.

Update: My phone appears to work. I haven't received any calls on it yet, but I have been able to call out. Also, Zaya has been perfectly fine. He hasn't felt badly at all since the incident this morning. He's hungry and thirsty and running around like a crazed weasel. Things are completely normal. Odd, but welcome.


Johanna said...

Oh man!! what a day!!

Tendrils said...

{{HUG}} WHat a day! :(

Hang in there! TOmorrow is coming......

Chandelle said...

You just think they are completely normal!
Glad your day is looking up though!


My eldest dropped hers in the toilet water recently, so we did some fast googling to find out what to do.

a) don't try to turn on for a couple days

b) remove battery and wipe up any obvious wetness

c)submerge phone pieces in a container filled with uncooked white rice (I put ours in a sunny window)

d) wait a day, then clean the phone with 90-100% alcohol on paper towels/qtips; pay particular attention to metal contact areas where you plug in things or where the battery contacts

e)let dry a few hours, then turn on and hope for the best

Her phone has been going strong for a couple more months now.

Chandelle said...

Missed you tonight. Hope you had a good evening anyway.

aftergrace said...

Goodness, you certainly did have a bad day. Be glad it's over. I am curious about the need for all of the cleaning products????

Lilibeth said...

Brings back memories. Not so pleasant memories...there was the time when we took a back road in Arkansas and had to spend a fair amount of time at the car wash, hosing out the floor of the van. Poor Zaya.

JAM said...

We hated those kinds of days.

We had a mini-van for years, that, after a bad morning with Number Two Daughter, was forever marked.

On hot days, you could still smell a hint of blueberry muffin vomit.

I do not miss that van.