Thursday, December 04, 2008

Happy Christmas/Birthday to Me

December is upon us, and I'm beginning to realize why adults always look so stressed this time of year. Especially our family. My husband and I and one of my sisters-in-law all share the same birthday. (December 14th for the gift inclined.) My other sister-in-law has her birthday two days later. So my poor mother-in-law now has four children with birthdays within a three day stretch. Two weeks before Christmas.

Anyway, even though we discussed the fact that we were not going to buy each other Christmas and Birthday gifts this year, Art is buying me a laptop. WOOHAA!! Maybe it was the fact that I finally sat down and started my novel. He sees that there is a chance that I might actually be able to bring in income at some point in the future. (Okay, an admittedly remote chance, but don't dash all my hopes and dreams please.)

I'm very excited about my laptop, and I wouldn't trade that, but here's the other thing I would like to write to Santa about.

My mother and mother-in-law have refused to buy one for me. My mother has refused for years. (many years) They keep saying something about motherhood and massive head trauma and other immaterial issues. Whatever.

Maybe Santa will pull through for me.


aftergrace said...

I seem to remember this item on a list of "wants" last year. I think perhaps your family has sent a letter to Santa asking him NOT to bring you a unicycle.

Qtpies7 said...

You strike me as the kind of person who would be smart and safe and wear a helmet.
I'd get you one if I were Santa.

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

My sister's birthday is the day after Christmas and she ALWAYS complains! And just tell your mom that you'll wear a helmet!

I got my laptop for Mother's day just before Ladybug was born. I love it! I keep it in the living room, so if she's watching a video or playing by herself, I can be "working." Well, that's my plan anyway!

Carmi said...

Life's too short to worry about what MIGHT happen. If your mom and MIL won't get you one, I think you should go get one on your own. I've always wanted one, and figure a good helmet and all my protective gear from rollerblading would help cushion the inevitable blows.

Congrats on the laptop. Speaking from my own experience, it's a gamechanger when you've got personal writing projects on the go. It makes it so much easier to write. Anywhere. When I'm working at home, even a simple change of scenery - moving from the home office to the living room couch, for example - can make all the difference.

JAM said...

Head trauma? Nah, that's what helmets are for. Though you might want to wait until your kids are in their teens to try to learn to ride one, that way you will be at the maximum point of embarrassment for them to have their mom seen out on the driveway learng the unicycle.