Saturday, December 27, 2008

Feliz Navidad

So far we have survived Christmas again this year, and no one has been sick, praise the Lord. We only have one family event left, and it is a gift-free get together. I think I've finally got all of the gifts put away, and I don't even want to think about taking the tree down yet, so I'll save that. Maybe next week.


Guess what my mom gave me for Christmas?

She said she figured this was the only way to make me stop whining about it. You can see where I get my own compassionate mothering skills, if there was any doubt in your mind.

From the picture, you might get the impression that I am actually able to ride it already. Do not be fooled. Truthfully, I did manage to get the pedals to go around about three times for this photo, but that's rare at this point. I will get it, though. It's my destiny.

Here are a few kid pictures, because we all know that's why most of you (my relatives) read this blog.

Here Zaya is meeting Woodbottle, his gift from our neighbor, Carl. (Zaya named it. I have no idea, so don't ask.)

Mim strikes a pose in her new princess dress from the Aunt-who-shall-remain-nameless. My Uncle E in the picture is wearing a T-shirt from If you'd like to see it, head to that URL and search through their t-shirt selection for "points of view". It's great.

Here are the stockings at Grandma Lilibeth's house. We opened presents at night on the 24th after the Christmas Eve Program; hence the formal attire.

There are two Christmas events (not counting tomorrow) not represented by pictures. I'll get to those. Really.


tina said...

It's your destiny, huh?

aftergrace said...

Great photos! Love the pretty princess dress and the formal attire.
Too funny about the unicyle, I'm certain you will be the unicyle master in no time.
Now about your she in the secret service???

Babystepper said...

She has insisted on blog silence as to any nominal or photographic mention of her existence. I don't know why, but I am obeying her whim.

Qtpies7 said...

We can blog about people without breaking their rules, lol.

Mom's always want to give what their kids want most. It just goes with the territory, even after they grow up. I think you are crazy for wanting the unicycle, since you have to ride it OUTSIDE and all, but I'm glad you got one!

Scribbit said...

You got your unicycle! I wondered if Santa would come through for you!

And you're vertical already--I'm impressed!

JAM said...

Yay on the unicycle! Very cool.