Monday, December 15, 2008

Frozen Fingers

I woke up on the wrong side of the recliner this morning, and I just can't seem to shake my funk.

Part of the problem is that I had a lousy night, and I know I forced my very patient husband to have a lousy night too. No, no one is sick (Thanks be to God for his grace and mercy) but we still have no heater back in our bedroom, and it got down to about 14 degrees here last night. I asked, no begged, Art if we could sleep in the living room instead of in our bedroom.

It's not that sleeping out there is cold, because we have a heated mattress pad, it's getting into and out of bed for the various bladders in the house (including mine). Anyway, to make a long story slightly shorter, we tried sleeping on a bunch of blankets laid out on the floor in the living room, but it was still cold (and painful because it's a wood floor). By morning time Art was in Zaya's bed and I was on the recliner. So I'm tired. And I'm still cold.


I've been a real grouch this morning and Mim's been trying to make the best of a bad situation. I have to admit that the sight of her dressed in her princess costume and her zip-up sleeper pajamas did cheer me up.

Once, when I was out in our ice-cold bedroom changing over the laundry, I heard her yelling from the back door

"(snapping) WHAT!!"
"umm...I love you!"

So yes, I felt like a heel, and I'm trying to improve my mood. Mim and I have been listening to Christmas music on my ipod which is hooked up to our stereo. (Third Day, Travis Cottrell, Micheal Buble, Jars of Clay and Relient K with a little Bing Crosby, Point of Grace and Transiberian Orchestra thrown into the mix.) We've baked some Buttermilk-Honey bread and made Puppy Chow (Or Muddy Buddies, depending on your recipe book.) Yes, the chocolate helped too.


Lilibeth said...

It will probably be just your luck to have to make a couple of trips to town in this cold, cold weather too.

aftergrace said...

Maybe you need some zip up the front pajamas too! Yikes 14 degrees is just down right cold.
It's snowing and crazy cold here too, in fact they just cancelled the girls finals that were to be held tomorrow am at 7:30.

Johanna said...

It's cold here too. This morning it was 8 degrees. Peter was a sweety and walked the boys to the bus stop so i wouldn't have to. (the roads were so bad he had to work from home today. We don't have snow tires.. ) He even exclaimed how cold it was, and he's Canadian!
It's really icy and tomorrow we're suppose to get up to 5 inches of snow on top of the ice.

JAM said...

14 Degrees and no heat?! Ouch.
Love that outfit too.
It's in the 70s all week here, which is actually kind of a bummer with Christmas around the corner and all.