Monday, August 11, 2008


Our reunion was small. Very small. But we had a great time anyway. Friday night only four classmates came, and Saturday for the Zoo only three toughed it out.

There were 19 people in my graduating class, and several of them even live in the OKC area, but the timing was bad, I guess, for most of them to attend. I don't regret going, though. Friday night we ate out and then met together in a hotel conference room to look at pictures and rehash our teen experiences. It was fun to meet each others husbands, too, and get to know them a little better. Only one friend, Hattie, brought one of her kids to keep Mim and Zaya company, but they loved her. Hattie had two little boys that stayed home with the grandparents. She's also pregnant. Macy and Emma brought their men, but Emma's little baby girl stayed home with Grandpa.

The zoo was hot and humid, but the kids loved it nonetheless. If you ask Zaya what his favorite part of the zoo was, he'll say, "Playing in the misters!" Every little bit there are these large poles with spray nozzles at the top. Patrons can just push a button on the side of a very fine spray of mist. It's wonderful on those hot days. We saw lots of your typical zoo animals, but no elephants. They are on an extended two year vacation to visit their "boyfriend" in the Tulsa Zoo. Hmmm.

After the zoo we went to eat at County Line BBQ which was a wonderful place with little booths that each felt like their own country dining room. The pictures above are from that meal. Hattie is in the green shirt with her husband John behind her. She was amazing, walking for a long time through a very hot zoo and 7 1/2 months pregnant. Macy is the other lovely lady. She was the Maid of Honor at my wedding a mere eight years ago last Tuesday. (Happy belated Anniversary to me.)

We've returned home to the pre-school bustle. Zaya starts pre-kindergarten on Thursday. No, I'm still not ready; thanks for asking. We went to the store for school clothes and tennis shoes today. We also bought an extra booster seat to put in Daddy's car for the morning ride. I don't think the little guy has a clue what he's about to start. He's just looking forward to playing outside on the playground equipment. Poor little unsuspecting soul.


Qtpies7 said...

Sounds like fun! I thought I had a small graduating class at 108! Or was it 111?

aftergrace said...

I'm glad you had a good time at the reunion. I think I would have been playing in the misters too!
I know it's tough having your little ones start school, hang in there.

Sarah said...

sounds like a great time (and the misters are fun, they have them in st. louis, too)

beautiful kids you've got.


He's gonna love pre-K so much that you'll wonder if he even misses me...much harder on you than it will be on him.

/me grins