Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Class of '98

This weekend is my class reunion. That's 10 years, people. I am not that old. I'm really not. There must be some problem with the space time continuum because I just really can't be having my ten year reunion.

We'll be going to Oklahoma City to eat, meet, talk and ...go to the zoo. Why not? Some of us were going to have kids with us, and we didn't want them to dread class reunions for the rest of their lives because they were so bored.

It turns out that very few people are actually showing up for this one, so my kids may be two of the three children present. I hate to drag a lot of couples with no kids along to the zoo so they can watch my little ones jump up and down and point to the elephants. Zaya and Mim will love it, though. In fact they're already excited and asking me when we're going to the zoo.

God has smiled on me and my children are both still sleeping. (It's 8 am) I've only got about 35 hours of work to fit into the next 12, so I should probably get off my computer chair and get going.

If I had a scanner, I'd leave you with a picture of my class, but I don't. Instead you'll have to use your imagination.


aftergrace said...

Class reunions can be a fun thing, I'm glad your class made the decision to do something family oriented. Good thinking.

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

I've never been back for a class reunion. They're never scheduled right for those of us who have to travel long distances. We're coming up on my 20th in 2 more years. So I doubt I'll be making the 12 hr drive for that. Oh well.

Munchkins and Music said...

I haven't gone to a class reunion yet. Maybe I should!

Sara said...

Have fun! I skipped mine, but with almost 900 students there weren't enough I ever wanted to see again.

Thanks for the encouragement. I'm just feeling impatient and want a solution now.

Qtpies7 said...

10 years? Donnie's 20th was this summer, but he lost the papers so we didn't know when, lol. Not that he wanted to go anyway. My 20th is next year. I keep missing my reunions, so I'm hoping to hit next years. Especially now that we live in the state finally.
Have fun!