Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Snacking, Peruvian Style

Mim decided that she wanted an Incan snack today. I do not know why, so don't ask. We were sitting by the creek, watching crawdads and wondering about the snake she saw yesterday. Do water moccasins live in the left-over puddles of run-off creeks? Were those fast-moving shadows minnows, tadpoles or crawdads? (The answer was C.)

She suddenly said, "Mom, I want a snack."

"OK, what would you like?"

"I'd like something Incan."

"Umm....like what?"

"I don't know. What did the Incans eat?"

So she wasn't hungry for a particular food, she was hungry for something that might've been eaten by a specific ancient civilization. I'm not clear how one gets a craving for a time period/ culture, but I suppose I've found myself in the mood for Mexican or Chinese food.

 I told her fruit was always good for an "ancient snack", but that wasn't what she wanted, so we looked up "Inca food" in Google. We also researched "snakes southern Missouri" while we were at it, because I wanted to know that my daughter wasn't trying to make friends with a cottonmouth. (She's not. It's a slider.)

We eventually settled on popcorn and quinoa, since we didn't have any guinea pig or llama in the house. I don't think we could've found any at Wal-mart either, so the choice was fairly obvious, but it's always more acceptable if Mim feels like she got to decide.

She and Zaya have both now had their Incan snack, scattering various bits of grain around my kitchen in the process. I'm not sure if that was a learning experience or not, but they've both had a good healthy snack anyway, which is something.

Now to start school. Who wants to do math when there are Incan snacks to consume and water-life to watch?

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Lilibeth said...

You probably could have found guinea pig at the pet store.