Monday, September 23, 2013

Let's All Do Science

Tuesday we visited the Science museum, which was the favorite destination of both children. This was partly because we were one of very, very few families who decided to spend the day playing at the museum. I love being able to take our field trips whenever we want to do so. There were no lines for the more popular exhibits, and plenty of opportunities to participate at the shows and demonstrations.

The Segway, which was Miriam's favorite exhibit/ride, had no lines. They could just run over and ride the course whenever they felt like it. I think they each rode it five times. Luckily they don't realize that Segways are commercially available, so I haven't had to deal with any begging. (They are still commercially available, aren't they? Seems like there was something...")

Mim loved the Sand Art wheels. They spin, and you can design the sand in patterns. She spent a significant amount of time doing this. I don't mind so much, except all the "Mommy, look!" moments made me feel a little dizzy.
We took some time to go through the "Whodunit" exhibit and solved a murder using clues like fingerprints, DNA, and eyewitness reports. Yes, it was a little strange to see my children closely inspecting a corpse in an alley and then watching his autopsy in a nearby "lab".

They rode on a flight simulator, did a practice "crashdown" in the Apollo pod, climbed on a treehouse and in a "geometry playground", waited for a geyser, heard a bottle full of liquid nitrogen explode, felt an earthquake, made toroid rings in water and out of water vapor, and on and on and on. We were there seven minutes after they opened, and left fifteen minutes before they closed, and they would happily return if I didn't have our days packed for the rest of the week.

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Lilibeth said...

It's simply the best museum for children I've ever seen. Wish I could have shared the day.