Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hazards of Homeschool

This is the danger of introducing new science topics. Today I told Zaya to go read his chapter about protists. (Also called protozoa) He runs off all excited that he doesn't have to do his spelling yet.

After a few brief minutes of quiet, I hear a sound coming from the living room.


and again


My son is now a protozoa. The next thing I hear from the living room is,

"I need a membrane." He comes crawling into the bedroom to find a blanket. Now he's crawling around discussing his own inner working, and complaining that his sister hurt his mitochondria when she sat on him.

She is an amoeba, but has a fuzzy, silky, purple membrane, because apparently there are divas in the protist world as well.

So much for getting schoolwork done. How do you tell your children to stop being single-celled organisms and playing together nicely and come do their spelling. It would take a heart of stone, which I like to think I do not possess.

Does this happen to other mothers? I have to think it does. I have to think that, because it keeps me sane and hoping that my children will some day become effective, functioning members of society.

I suppose the rest of our schoolwork can wait until my single-celled organisms have tired of what should be a fairly limited existence.


Lilibeth said...

Well, just don't squelch their imagination. Maybe you could let them spell mitochondria or membrane and if they spell it incorrectly it could open a portal for viral invasions.

Lilibeth said...

oh, and protists are short-lived but spelling goes on forever...