Friday, March 16, 2012

Apples and Oranges

My father recently took a Myers-Brigs personality test, and it has started our family on a little cascade of personality testing. Whenever something like this happens, it brings to mind our quirky little differences, and, at least for a time, we understand each other a little more. Reading our personality assessments has been eye-opening as each of us say, "Hey! That's exactly right!" (I'm an ENFP. Mostly)

We've often laughed (wept?) at the extreme opposite personalities in our house, but it's been fun to see it on paper as well. Of the three children (myself and my brother and sister) I am the one who is most likely to fit in with others, get along with people, and be comfortable functioning in the world in general. My siblings would be the first to agree with that statement, so I'm not telling them something they don't already know.

Just yesterday was a great example of those differences. My younger brother and his wife and my younger sister went for a quick trip to Dallas to see a concert. They travel fairly often, and have been to quite a few different cities for one thing or another, yet things like this still happen: [liberally paraphrased]

I get a call from my brother, "Carina, are you near a computer?"
"Well, yes, I can be. What's up?"
"We're heading to that concert and we don't have a map for Dallas. Could you find the {unnamed} Theatre on the map?"
"Sure. I'm on Google maps now. Ok, I've found the Theatre. Where exactly are you?"
"We're driving down I-35. I think in Fort Worth."

That's right. They were already in Fort Worth, and didn't actually have any kind of map to get them to a location in central Dallas.

I proceeded to give them what were probably confusing directions over the phone as they hurtled down the interstate. They did arrive at their destination, so all's well...etc. I encouraged them to go by a gas station and grab a map. Crazy, out-of-the-box thinking from big sis. I was joking about it to my mom this morning, and she said that my sister actually owns a GPS, but no one thought to bring it.

This is one of the many reasons I love my family. We all need each other so much. I would feel lost if I couldn't still take care of my little brother and sister sometimes, and apparently, they would be lost and wandering around Dallas if they didn't have a big sister with a good internet connection. A slight exaggeration, yes, but you get the idea.

Now if I could just find my car keys...I guess we do have a few things in common.

(The picture includes my younger cousin. She's like a little sister, so it all still applies. I won't give away any of her personality secrets on the net. You're welcome, C.)


Chandelle said...

I think that picture is precious! I've been wanting my little family to answer the personality testing. Do you think the boys are too young?

aftergrace said...

Now you've got my curiousity going, I'll have to take the test myself. Do you think that besides your personality it could be your birth order that you are so organized?