Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mim Listens In

While we have not gone out of our way to hide the impending job change from the children, we have also decided not to sit down and address it with them yet. I was surprised that they hadn't picked up on it all from our conversations with other friends and family. (Well, I was surprised that Mim hadn't picked up on it. I have ceased to be surprised by what subtleties of human contact pass by Zaya.)

I guess I've been a little worried about how they would handle it. We moved so much when I was a child that it seemed normal and adventurous for me. By the time I was Zaya's age, I had moved seven times, and two years after that it was nine. He has moved twice, and the second time was a return to his first home, and only two blocks away. Mim is fairly sensitive to some things, and completely brutal about others, so both of their reactions are complete unknowns.


A few days ago the kids and I were sitting on the floor sorting through piggy bank change and the following conversation ensued between Mim and Zaya.

Mim: I want to go to the Air and Space Museum again as a field trip.
Zaya: I want to go to Daddy's work and see the big machines.
Mim: Well, you'll have to do that pretty quick.
Zaya: Why?
Mim: Because Daddy's work is closing down and he won't be there for much longer.

She went on to say that her information came from hearing "Mommy and Daddy talking about it." Zaya didn't believe her at first, but I confirmed the information, and then waited for the response. Zaya thought for a little bit and then said, "I think he should get a job at Wal-mart. I bet they make lots of money there because they sell things."

So yeah, they're taking it fairly well.

In the next couple days Zaya expressed concern about Art finding a job, but not a real worry, I don't think. So far they're probably handling the stress better than the grown-ups are.


Erica said...

They are so cute :-)
We're praying for you guys- I know God will provide in His perfect timing so I'm just praying that your hearts will remain peaceful in the waiting.

Chandelle said...

That is the beauty of childhood.

aftergrace said...

Such sweetness from the little ones.. It's so hard to break forboding news to kiddos.
You all are in our prayers.