Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Vroom! Vroom!

I don't have any photographic proof, since my camera is in W'ville in Art's car, but my children are actually playing with cars and a race track! I know this doesn't seem like a big deal, but let me just tell you, it's pretty unusual around here.

We all stayed home today because Mim had a stomach bug until late this morning. She appears to be fully recovered (Please, God!) and so now we're just enjoying being together and playing. We've already watched several videos, played video games and board games together and read stories. Then I suddenly remembered Zaya's Hot Wheels track that his Aunt C got him for his birthday. I told her I thought he might like it because he enjoyed watching his friend play with one the other day.

They've actually been playing with it for 10 minutes now, which might be a record for the Teeson children and cars. We just aren't really a cars kind of family. I've tried, goodness knows. "Look Zaya, a cool car. Do you want to play with it?"

"Not really, Mom, but thanks."

I don't know if it'll ever be used again, but for right now they're having fun, and it almost feels like I have a normal family. Ha ha!


Lilibeth said...

I wouldn't give it too long. I mean how can the same things going around and around in a circle remain exciting? Actually, I think that's what I've been doing all week. And on that note, I'll take a nap. ho hum.

Chandelle said...

I know this was a special moment for you! Hope Mim is feeling better and you are coping fine.

aftergrace said...

It was a special moment! Enjoy!
You've had a bad round of illness at your place lately. Sorry. Hopefully things will get better with the coming of Spring! :)

Motherhood for Dummies said...

hope that stomach bug doesn't stay too long. We feel for you guys... our house has been sick for a week or so now.