Saturday, March 20, 2010

Birthday Boys

This is my one and only nephew, Jack. Isn't he a doll? He is now one year old.

We celebrated a big joint birthday for Zaya and Jack this year at Grandma Teeson's house. Birthdays so far have been all cousin events, and these kids love it. They're all great at sharing, really, so it's like birthdays five times a year for each kid. They open each other's presents, blow out each other's candles, and generally seize as much joy as they can from each opportunity.

The front row is (l to r) me, Zaya, Mim, Jaida and Grandma T, with little Addy in the back. And no, Addy doesn't have a black eye. (Although she's one tough cookie, and it's only a matter of time.) She found a tube of her mommy's "all-day" lipstick, and they weren't kidding. My sister-in-law scrubbed with everything she could think of that was safe to use around a two-year-old's eye, and no luck. If you're looking for a good, long-wearing lipstick, I can recommend some for you. Just don't get it on your skin.

Anyway, everyone had a good time. Zaya got a Hot Wheels race track (previously mentioned), a DIY robot (which has been assembled and crashed several times) and a series of science models/toys.

The top shelf are the plush microbes from Christmas. The bottom are (l to r) A cross-section of skin, a virus, a bacterium, an animal cell, and a plant cell. They're very cool, and come apart in the middle and you can mess with their little mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum. And no, they aren't from ThinkGeek, although they ought to be. These are from amazon.

He saved up his birthday money and bought a plush bookworm, a transforming plush (the Squalodon unzips and turns into a Pakicetus when you turn him inside out) (or vice versa), and an electronic snap circuit board. All have been thoroughly enjoyed.

Birthday gifts are more fun when the kids grow up a bit. We didn't get pictures of the party at my parent's house, but that was a good time too, and the kids both received coloring books and crayons and markers and stickers and a generally amazing variety of art options. Art and I bought Zaya Endless Ocean: Blue World. (He has the first one, and loves it. I highly recommend it for those who have a Wii.)

There you go. Way more details than you ever wanted to know about my son's sixth birthday. This will aid my memory more than anything. Sorry.


Chandelle said...

Yeah for happy celebrations with family! Six already is really unbelievable isn't it?

aftergrace said...

That is some assortment of scientific stuff! No Legos???