Friday, December 04, 2009

Avante on your Garde

Today has been art day. Every now and then the kids talk me into pulling down the art junk. Today's inspiration came when I bought a few National Geographic magazines this morning at the local thrift store where I volunteer to sort books. (I am my grandmother-in-law's apprentice.)

Someone brought in two paper bags full of them and quite a few had separate maps.(Those are usually long gone by the time I see them.) I love maps! I now have about twenty (that counts as "a few" right?) that feature such varied locations as the former Soviet Union, ancient Mayan civilization sites, the Holy Land, Columbus's trip to the West Indies and Mount Everest. What to do with all those magazines, though? They are becoming/will become collages. (Art and I have these fun little games where I buy junk for the kids, it sits around the house for a while, and then he throws it out. Hysterical! I'm currently up by a point. Or 20.)

But anyway, back to the art. Zaya made this collage, which turned into a very strange sea world of sorts. There are Praya Dubia, Giganto Cypruses (Cypri?) and Jellyfish galore. Oh, and a huge man made of a chopped up submarine.

Mim's collage is...well...lets just say interesting. She cut out this large picture of a woman - some sort of model, I think - and it takes up most of the page. She's wearing something between a dress and a swimsuit. I'm not positive which. There's also picture of a woman serving Mickey and Minnie mouse dinner (from a Disneyworld ad?) and a small brilliantly lit building. I'm not going to show you that one. Just because.

However, I will show you a picture she drew of Baby Jesus in a rocket ship surrounded by swirling blue and red planets...and one star. Don't ask; I have no answers.

Then we have the hurricanes. There was some dispute about the proper way to paint a hurricane, but I gave them a lecture about artistic freedom and interpretation, and the battle abated. Temporarily.

In the midst of this we have also pretended to be snails (three different types), hermit crabs, and I don't remember what else. And that's just since lunch.


Lilibeth said...

Maybe Zaya's is just before the hurricane hits and Mim's is after. She is really into faces for the camera, I see.

Lilibeth said...

Ah...the Baby Jesus one. He is coming to earth from Heaven, no doubt.

Qtpies7 said...

Your house is such a hoot! lol

aftergrace said...

You are such a smart mommy! Collages will keep kids busy for hours!

Chandelle said...

Art day takes some effort; at least that is how I feel. I can hardly believe how grown up they look in these pictures! And what personality Mim is displaying!

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

I love collecting stuff that I "might" use for crafts someday. The oft heard cry when my husband is cleaning is "Don't throw that away! I might need it!" I am a pack rat and he is the anti-pack rat. *sigh*

Anyway. Love their imaginations and the expressions on their faces in that last pic! Priceless!