Monday, December 28, 2009

Ornamental Tour

As I said previously, we did finally find our ornaments. The tree wasn't as naked as we had first feared. It's still not crazy-full, but I like it that way. None of that overbearing tinsel here.

I chose a few special ornaments to show you, and I hope you'll excuse the at times extremely inadequate photography. I yam who I yam.

This is one of the very first ornaments I ever received. Her only value to me is her age and her association with my parents and my innocent, blissful childhood. As you can see, she is herself. Her paintbrush is long gone, she needs a good comb, and she hasn't quite figured out the whole rouge thing.

These are the two manliest ornaments on the tree. The Klingon Bird of Prey I purchased last year when one of those fancy-schmancy little Hallmark type gift stores went out of business. It plugs into one of the little light sockets and threatens the arborial cosmos with little blinking lasers. I love it!

The second ornament is a star that Art made for me when we were engaged lo, these many years ago. He fashioned it from stainless steel, and sharpened the points so much that it could easily be a home defense weapon if we were burglarized at Christmas time. I'm not kidding; you could do some real damage with that thing!

This ornament almost always makes me cry. It was given to me by my father's mother, Grandma C when I was very young. (My cousins and I called her Nonnie) It used to have the most wonderful gingerbread smell, and I associated that smell with Christmas for many, many years. It's made of wax, and is actually very soft. Apparently I carved my initials in it at some point in the past. The reason it makes me sad is that my Grandma C died suddenly when I was only four years old. My mother was expecting my sister at the time, so Nonnie never even got to meet Claye, or my brother Elijah, let alone Art and my own children. This gingerbread man always makes me think of how the world can change forever, and quickly.

On a lighter note, this ornament, which I bought at the same little shop as the Klingon ship above, is my dream house. Well, OK, one of them. I would love a little country farmhouse with a wraparound porch. This one is even metal with a metal roof. We would love for my father-in-law to build us a metal barn house someday, and I'm still trying to talk him into making it two story, which he thinks is just crazy-womantalk. When I bought this ornament I took it straight to him as an example of how cute it could be. He wasn't convinced.

Here is the first ornament Art and I received as a young married couple. It's a little sappy, but that's alright, because I'm female and sappiness is permitted every now and then. I like it because the little couple are young and poor but happy together, which was pretty much our situation at the time. Life wasn't hard, don't get me wrong, but we are constantly amazed when we look back at how easy and carefree it seemed at the time. I hope I never have to live in a trailer that size again, but if I do, at least I'll have Art with me. (And a boat-load of junk. Hmmm. I'm not sure we could fit into that trailer, now that I think about it.)

Well, that's it. The Christmas tree tour is officially over. I promised myself I wouldn't write a ton about each one, but oh well.

Someday soon I'll be introducing you to a few of the things that made up our super-geeky Christmas this year. We had a blast with gifts this year, and my kids loved it!


Lilibeth said...

I remember most of these,and you are right about how special they are. For a while, we tried to buy an ornament apiece every year...but then the tree got full. I think, after all my children become fully independent, with their own trees and such, I'll distribute more of the old ones and come up with some new ones. The gingerbread makes me sad too. I wish we could find some more scented ones. I think it was Avon. The only one I couldn't see well was the Klingon bird of prey. It looks like a caterpillar becoming a grasshopper. (I know...that's not entomologically correct)

Lainey-Paney said...

We just LOVE trees that tell a story. We love having a billion mix-matched ornaments that remind us of a trip, or a moment, or a time in our past.

And when I go to others' homes at Christmas, I love to look at trees that have a variety of ornaments that just seem to tell a story of a couple or of a family.

I love it.

aftergrace said...

Every year when we decorate our tree there are a few that make us misty eyed. thank you for sharing your "misty eyed" moments with us. I'd like to see more of your ornament tree!

Chandelle said...

I loved your tour - thank you for sharing your stories! Ornaments are full of memories of loved ones and wonderful times past. I didn't get our tree of memory ornaments up this year. Kind of sad I didn't get the chance to go down memory lane. Again, thanks for sharing a bit of you!