Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh, the Drama

Thanksgiving break is upon us, just in time for my daughter to re-adjust to staying home with Mommy all day again. Next week is going to be torture.

The last two days of school she cried all day and it was quite ridiculous. (I was even with her most of the day Friday because I was a parent helper in the afternoon.) She has been perfectly fine, only occasionally whiny, until the last few weeks. It's getting worse and worse. Her teacher told me, "I can stand it if you can. Just keep sending her." She says if I give in now, she'll think that staying home with Mommy will always be an option, and won't learn to adapt and enjoy her surroundings. Which I know is true.

It's hard to convince myself of that, though, when I know that Pre-K is not necessary or required, and she would be perfectly fine in Kindergarten without it. (Except for the whining, of course, which is the reason she's staying.)

Regardless, it's stressful for all concerned, and the sooner she grows out of this "Mommy, Mommy" phase the better. I know that personalities are different, but this is getting a little ridiculous.

(This picture is Mim in happier times at Ms. Maria's jewelry party a few weeks ago.)


Chandelle said...

Hope you are enjoying your days this week despite the whining. I think you have to trust what your heart is telling you on this one. What is best for Mim and Mommy? This too, will be another stage that seems long at present, but will have passed entirely too quickly when all is said and done. Best wishes. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. We'll be in Colorado.

aftergrace said...

Don't give up! Alli and Ren cried every day at school for almost the first six months of first grade. (Lucky for me they grew out of it by high school, lol)

Seriously, some kids just have a tougher time leaving mom.

Qtpies7 said...

I definitely disagree that it will make her have trouble adjusting later. If she isn't ready, she isn't ready. I never make my kids go somewhere that they have a problem with. They always know that if they need mom (whatever the "need" may be) mom will come. And that made them very, very secure and so outgoing later.

If Mim is just whiney being dropped off and then gets into the swing of things, I'd leave her. But if she whines throughout the day, I'd take her out. She has a lifetime away from mom ahead of her. :)