Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I have to confess; I married a pyromaniac.

A very intelligent and responsible pyro, but a pyro nonetheless.

I'm afraid he has passed these tendencies on to his offspring. Particularly Zaya.

We've had several different fireworks sessions this year, because we went camping instead of having the usual family Independence Day bash at my in-law's house. Art loves blowing things up, and so do the other men in the family, so the 4th is always a big event.

This is strange for me, because I grew up in a family where fireworks only happened to other people. Sure, we had sparklers, and even the occasional Black Snake, but nothing that flew or went BOOM. I have to admit that it can be enjoyable to watch things explode, but I prefer watching the kids (and by this I mean those over and under 20) having so much fun. It makes me nervous, but Art is very careful with the little ones, so I don't worry nearly as much as I would otherwise.

I think it's just something to which I'll adjust. I love a man who likes to watch things blow-up. It could be worse.


aftergrace said...

I think it's a guy thing. They just seem to get such a kick out of the action/reaction thing.
I know I cringe every 4th of July around here. The whistles and pops make me too nervous. (I'm no fun)

Lilibeth said...

No real fun to me either...it's watching all that money go boom that really gets me. . . but I've always loved sparklers.

Mike said...

AS long as everybody's safe.


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JAM said...

I never really cared for fire crackers, my tastes run to the expensive rocketry with the amazing sky shows. That costs too much, so we don't do fireworks.

I know, I'm a total party pooper.

Qtpies7 said...

All my guys like exploding things. Sam will, but right now he likes some distance between him and loud.
I have 4 brothers, so I grew up with boys who like exploding things.