Monday, July 07, 2008

Camp T

We had a great time camping with Art's family this weekend, and we came away with one major lesson learned.

Camp in May or September. Maybe even April or October.

We all survived, but it was hot; not miserably hot, just sticky hot. The kind where your hair sort of plasters onto your forehead. Actually it wasn't too bad in the shade, even in the heat of the day, but you can't do a lot of hiking, exploring and general camping activities if you're sitting in the shade.

Uncle Cody figured out how to camp, though. He moved his hammock along with the shade and had no trouble staying relaxed and at ease.

The heat didn't stop the fishermen, and the kids loved messing with the poles, throwing rocks into the lake, and generally bugging the daddies and uncles who were trying to catch something. In the following pictures, Mim discovers salmon eggs and critiques Grandpa's fishing techniques.

Uncle Chris took it all in stride and helped the little ones out with their own poles. It's wonderful to have so many easy-going relatives. The kids are at ease and the parents aren't worried.

We watched fireworks at a different park in town later that night, and the kids loved it, of course. We've decided we should go back next year to see the fireworks in the same town, but this time we're going to stay with Aunt Lizzy and Uncle Chris in the air-conditioned house.

Aunt Lizzy is the lake manager out at the lake where we had our campsite, so we were able to see her periodically, even though she was at work for part of Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. She's enjoying her job, and all sorts of crazy stories to tell us.

Zaya really loved the campfire, and spent a good bit of time on Saturday morning throwing things into it. As proof that I did go with the rest of the family, here's a picture of me helping Zaya with his pyromaniac tendencies.

Zaya, Mim and Jaida all spent the time playing with each other, getting dirty and generally being cousins. None of them were ready to leave, which means we left at just the right time. We wanted them to leave remembering that they enjoyed themselves, and I think they did.

Next time, though, the high will be in the eighties. No, really, I mean it.


aftergrace said...

The kids look like they were having the time of their lives! Glad you all had a happy 4th.

Lilibeth said...

I was just wondering if Mim missed here rainbow slinky and little fisherman. These are good pictures. I'm glad you are home safely.

JAM said...

So, who got the first glorious shower when y'all got home?

Looks like fun though.

Qtpies7 said...

You are way too skinny, girl! OK, so I'm just jealous, I admit it! I was thin 5 kids ago, too.

It is actually still too cold to camp in June here. It gets FREEZING at night! I hate it! I'm glad we aren't camping until August this year.

It does look like you guys had fun in spite of melthing.

Scribbit said...

THese warm summer shots people keeping posting is nearly killing me, we've had nothing but rain all summer I swear, the worst summer weather I can remember. Make it go away!