Saturday, April 19, 2008

Swingset Saga con Photos

Well, we bought the swingset yesterday afternoon, and set to work right away. Although Art appears baffled in this picture, I think he was just concentrating. I was so proud of him for reading the instructions that I had to get it recorded for posterity.

We met C'Uncle M in Wal-mart, and recruited him for help, and then we also had Joe and Tina come over briefly and offer advice. Mr. Joe helped by taking Zaya for a little ride. It was quite a hit, and probably just as much fun as the swing set itself.

The slide was off limits for little bodies, but little cars were acceptable, so we propped it up on the old truck-bed trailer (a classy item quite popular around here) and it became a matchbox car race-track. This is an action shot. Lightning McQueen is that little brown blur on the slide. Just for the record, that trailer is not a permanent part of our landscaping. It's only being used for disposal of yard and remodeling materials.

C'Uncle M helped Art put the swing end together (while sneezing and sniffling; turns out he's allergic to cedar) and the kids ran around and entertained themselves. Zaya is holding a toy car in this photo that he named "Visor". Apparently it transforms into many other things. It is a helicopter in this picture. (Actually it's a little VW Bug car with flowers all over it. It's Mim's.)

After we got the kids to bed, Art, M and I all watched Jeeves and Wooster. (Funny, in that Wodehouse/British kind of way, and starring Hugh Laurie, which will throw you for a loop if you're a House M.D. fan.)

We started again early this morning, and Art and I got the swing set put together. (With help from the little guys, of course.) It took six hours and two sunburns, but it was worth it, because I think the kids will love it. (At least for a day or two.)

The boy who is pushing the kids is our neighbor, Carl. He was the cutest little ring-bearer about 7 1/2 years ago, and used to come over here and let me read stories to him. Now he's in our junior high youth group and plays with our kids almost every day. He and Zaya play Nintendo together, and run around outside, and generally amuse themselves, much to Mommy's delight.


Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

I cannot get LK to even SIT on a big swing. Only the "baby" style swings. You know his personality though right? I can't believe it

aftergrace said...

Wow, that is some swingset! Lucky Zaya, and Mim. It gives you such a feeling of accomplishment when you put things together yourself.
It looks like it was the perfect day for being outside.

JAM said...

Wow, that is WAY cool.

I'm a reader of instructions myself. I tend to be able to put things together with no parts left over. One of the good aspects of being an engineer.

When I put something together Lovely Wife and Daughters look at me like women at an Obama rally, but really, it's just the benefit of taking time BEFOREHAND to read assembly instructions.

Though I don't mind the adoration of the women in my life.

Qtpies7 said...

Great job! Allergic to Cedar??? Wow, that would be fun.