Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Zaya doesn't really know much about superheroes yet, he prefers Nintendo characters, but he does know a pretty cool superman outfit when he sees one.

This was a birthday present from my brother and sister. (For him, that is. Not my birthday present you understand.) I think Art is doing an excellent job as prop.

Maybe Zaya can use his extra strength on my kitchen. It could definitely use some super powers, but I think I might have to just rely on Mr. Clean and the Brawny guy. (OK, so actually I use Pine-Sol and Kleenex Viva, but they don't have cool masculine mascots.)

All in all, I'm a little more comfortable with this than I was with the butterfly costume of last summer. Call me old-fashioned.


aftergrace said...

I could sure use some of the Super Zaya powers at our place! He is far too cute!

Tendrils said...

Cute!!!!! I love it!

JAM said...

Awww. I got a little verklempt when I saw this photo and almost needed a tissue.

My daughters loved it when I did this when they were little. Back when they were little and I hadn't ruined my back yet.