Saturday, July 28, 2007

Swimming, but not surfing yet.

Well, still no internet yet, so I'm just checking in. VBS is finally over, and Hubby took Friday off so that we could all just be a family for awhile.

We've been swimming, one place or another, every day this week, and the kids are getting better and better at enjoying the water. Zaya even discovered he could put his head underwater, and is like a little fish now. Ok, so he can't actually swim without his floaties, but he enjoys trying. He jumps off the side and goes down the slides like a champ. Mim's still such a Mommy's girl, but she actually went down the slide in the kiddy pool today, which was a first.

All in all we're enjoying our summer. I just wish we could enjoy it while being connected to the internet. Oh well.


Qtpies7 said...

Any light at the end of the tunnel yet????? Even a glimmer?
Miss ya! I wish you hadn't missed out on the Dog Days of Summer bloggy give-away, that was a week long marathon of filling out comments and typing those stupid qxvtr thingies! But it paid off! I think I entered into close to 400 blog contests and won a few.

Qtpies7 said...

I'm still reading your blog! We're waiting on you to come back, we won't forget you!
Stop by and say "Hi" sometime! I miss you!

JAM said...

My poor wife is still trying to catch up on sleep after last weeks VBS. It's brutal on the workers.