Monday, May 13, 2013

Why There Are Tiny Capsules of Spit in my Freezer.

We spent a few hours last Thursday at the Discovery Center in Springfield. It's a wonderful little place, and I highly recommend it for parents of elementary aged children. There are many, many displays, and the workers are actually interested and helpful.
The kids got to run on a gigantic hamster wheel (human wheel?) to generate electricity.
Isolate their own DNA from cheek cells (ie spit. eww.)
And dress up as both Japanese school-children, and Japanese emperors. (There were other countries represented as well, but Japan had the coolest costumes.)

Of course the most exciting thing was drinking out of the toilet. It's the little pleasures in life that bring the most joy.


Lilibeth said...

Until I looked closer I thought the toilet thing was demonstrating the efficiency of one of those new "filter straws" I think I'd be afraid someone would use the toilet when attendants weren't watching. yeeech.

Chandelle said...

Looks like marvelous adventures!