Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Fun

This is what you do for fun when it's 105 degrees outside (with a 25 mph wind) and your mommy has packed most of your toys. And when Art is your daddy. The victim in the middle used to be a DVD player. Electronics around here stop working at their own peril.

The kids have also played with puppies (not ours), eaten a great deal of snacks, done some school work, run around the house like maniacs and helped me hang the laundry out on the line. (The first bits had dried before we were done with the last bits.)


Lilibeth said...

I was just outside. It does feel like being inside a clothes dryer.

Melissa said...

Sounds like quite a start to summer! We hit 103 degrees last week and I wanted to crawl inside and die!!! That's not a normal temperature!!!!

aftergrace said...

It has been awful here too, we've had terrible wildfires all over the state. 105 degrees is totally unbearable, and I imagine your humidty is making it worse.
Thank heavens for handy husbands that can entertain children. :)

Chandelle said...

Oh that is too funny about the laundry!