Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Providers

Art and the kids are currently decapitating fish in our front yard. They caught 3 catfish and one trout. Or bass. Or something. I'm not really into fish.

I'd take a picture, but they aren't wearing any pants. The kids, I mean. Art is still wearing his pants. Apparently the pants got too muddy while they were mud-skipping down at the pond. And let's face it, pants are no fun anyway. Who needs them?

I believe we're going to be eating these fish for supper, and so I'm preparing myself to swallow my own issues with catfish (Hello! They're bottom-feeders! Gross!) and guts in general, and learn how to fry fish. I have a little bag of corn meal with a picture of a fish on the front, so I'm going to assume that I just put the pieces of fish meat (filets?) into the meal, and then fry them - at a temperature that is yet to be determined.

Wish me luck.

P.S. This picture is from a Sunday walk to the farm where the fish were caught - same place, same kids, different day.


Anonymous said...

My Goodness!!! Your kids are growing up so fast!!!!!!

aftergrace said...

I do agree withyou about the catfish thing, eww.

Cute photo, Mim's dress is really pretty.