Monday, July 12, 2010

Drip Drop

Well, we asked for it, and we got it. Rain, rain, rain. Luckily we were on vacation for most of it, so we had sunny skies and swimming a few hours away while our little home town got soaked.

The morning of July fourth was wet, but it didn't damper anyone's enthusiasm. Here are the kids ready for church.

Art and the kids and I went out walking the morning before we left on our little vacation and we got pictures of the creek here in our little town. It was flooding out of its banks and almost touching the top of the bridge.

I'll post vacation pictures soon. We had a wonderful time, but the house hasn't fully recovered yet from our return. We had a fund-raiser golf tournament and two wedding showers in the two days following our return, so there hasn't really been time to process it all.


Lilibeth said...

Well I'm glad we got rain, and I'm glad you didn't have a rainy vacation either. These pictures are great. My my. The creek looks like one.

aftergrace said...

I think you all received all of the rain intended for us! We've been bone dry here in the land of entrampment. (Land of Enchantment-so the N.M. convention bureau would lead one ot believe)

Chandelle said...

I relate to the house explosion on return from vacation.


Love the pic of Mim! Can't believe Bri ever wore that dress!