Monday, January 18, 2010

The Immovable Rock

Any ideas for a way to dull the evil edge of this concrete step? It leads from our den into our kitchen. It used to be a little back porch before the addition was built onto this house. Art and I painted it brown and it looks cute with the rest of our den...however...

It has caused this:

And that bump is six days old, folks! Imagine what it looked like last Wednesday when my four year old was lying on the floor crying. In this picture I told her to "make a sad face" in an effort to get her to stop crossing her eyes. Yes, I have those other pictures too.

The step of doom has also caused me to peel a hefty chunk of skin back from the back of my foot. You know, the part that joins onto the toe? The part that bends every time you walk or move your foot in any way? That part.

The step must be changed somehow. But how? What can you put on the edge of concrete that wouldn't just look stupid? Taking it out is really not an option. There has to be something there to get up to the kitchen.


aftergrace said...

Oh my goodness, this is horrible. Poor sweetie.

If only you could build some sort of rampish thing that was more of a slope instead of a sudden drop.
Look in a tile store, surely there must be something to solve this problem.

Hey, aren't you married to an engineer????

Lilibeth said...

Or you could break down and carpet the step...just one little yard of carpet with a nice padded undermat.

Erica said...

Just what I was thinking... aren't you married to an engineer?!

What about a longish floor mat with a rubber backing that could run from the door down the length of the step and then onto the floor below the step, like this:

Tendrils said...


Can you sand the concrete step?

Chandelle said...

I'm for lots of padding and carpet too.

Mim is being such a trooper though.

Julie K. said...

Could you find a baseboard (mopboard, whatever you call it) that would fit nicely? It wouldn't exactly be soft, but it might be better than concrete. Surely if you search the Lowe's store they would have something.

Poor Mim! That looks awfully painful. I hope you gave her lots of candy to make it feel better.

Qtpies7 said...

OWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor girl!
Serious carpeting! You could put a wood frame and then padding and carpeting. The wood is bound to be softer to fall on than concrete, even if there IS padding. Yikes!

Also, you can buy safety rubber strips to put on the edge, like for coffee tables and stuff from places like Right Start Catalog.

Lainey-Paney said...

THAT's 6 days old!?