Monday, September 14, 2009

Smooth Move

While using my mother-in-law's gun on Saturday, I accidentally stuck the magazine in backwards, and poor Art spent four hours that evening getting it out.

How? Why? It's really a long story. Let's just say I was flustered during the firing portion of our concealed carry class last Saturday.

In any case, it all came down to trying to push back a little clip that was keeping the gun from releasing another little clip that would allow Art to pull apart the gun. He tried an incredible variety of tools and household items to get it, and ended by using the shaft of an aluminum arrow. In the above picture he's using a DumDum sucker stick. He's holding it the only way he could see down the shaft.

Art is my engineering hero. I would've had to sent it in to the dealer to get it fixed if he hadn't been such a handyman.

Here are all the tools and paraphernalia it took to fix my little mishap, and you can see the gun with no magazine in it in the top right corner.


aftergrace said...

Wow, you brave woman you! Messing up your mother-in-law's gun!! What were you thinking?? lol
I'm impressed with the dumdum sucker approach to gun repair.
Having an engineer in the house is quite entertaining, is it not?

Chandelle said...

What love! I am glad you two are enjoying learning together; one of many adventures - right?

Lilibeth said...

How nice to have someone who will follow behind and clean up ones little messes.

Lainey-Paney said...

Oh my goodness!

Mike said...

4 hours? Wow. That's dedication.

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JAM said...

Once a certain amount of time is invested, you pretty much have to stay with it til you fix it.

Have y'all test fired it after that?

Qtpies7 said...

LOL I would have to say that I would rethink your wisdom in taking shooting classes, lol.
Donnie and I want to take conceal and carry classes, too, but haven't committed to the time yet.
What a great husband!