Monday, August 03, 2009

A-B-C; Round 2

I think I've figured out little Mim's problem with learning her alphabet. There are about 5 letters that she consistently has trouble with, despite being able to sound out basic three and four letter words.

She learned the sounds of most of the letters before the actual names of the letters. I think that's the whole problem. She has trouble with: C, G, V, W, and Y. Occasionally others, but usually just those. She knows what they sound like (except V, she forgets that one sometimes) but cannot remember what they're called. Especially C. It just throws her for a loop every time. Would all you teacher types out there have any advice for that one? Do you think she's having trouble with those letters because they don't sound like their names? (She doesn't have any trouble with Q, though.)


Lilibeth said...

Maybe she could make the shape of the letter with her a C while saying "See, I'm a C".

I don't know about G...let me think.

W should be pronounced double vee, I can't think why we don't...except in the old Court Houses you see "COVRT HOVSE" hmmm.

Why do we call it a y when it looks like a v on a stick?

I'm not an elementary school teacher. Maybe they would have an idea.

aftergrace said...

I hadn't thought about it but, you are right-the alphabet is difficult to teach.