Friday, March 06, 2009


Once again I find myself trying to explain difficult theological and philosophical issues to my preschoolers. Successfully? That remains to be seen. I'll ask their therapist someday, I suppose.

Philosophical Issue:

"People are always more important than things."

This came up when I heard a typical sibling altercation taking place in Zaya's bedroom. Mostly consisting of "stop it, stop it, hey give that back" and etc. It turns out that Mim, who was wearing a full princess get-up including brother's play dagger (because a girl's got to be able to take care of herself) had lost said dagger through some mishap involving use of same on her Garfield reading brother. When I asked what happened, Mim complained that Zaya had taken the dagger and Zaya said that Mim was, and I quote, "disturbing" him.

When I started to give Mim the "stop poking and annoying your brother" lecture, she started crying and said, "I just wanted him to see my princess dress!" Which means she'd only been trying to get his attention so he'd turn around and see her pretty dress. So instead Zaya got the lecture about being involved with Garfield to the point that he is unable to see/hear the world around him. Also a very familiar one here. The point of it crystallized in the philosophical statement above, and I have a feeling it will be used frequently here from this point on.

Theological Issue:

"There is a commandment about making up pretend gods; specifically, don't do it."

Last night as I was snuggling with my daughter, she told me a story about Goki that took a religious turn. It seems that Goki has a different god than we do. To quote Mim, Goki's creator and master, "Goki's god doesn't wear a blankie."
This caused momentary confusion until Mim said, "Mommy, why does Jesus always wear a blue blankie?" Ah ha. So we had discussions about wardrobe in Bible times, and why Jesus would not have needed a security blanket. We also had a discussion about Goki's religious decisions, and how she/he/it would have to worship the same God that we do, since He's not keen on us making up our own deities. Mim said, "But Goki's pretend." Which, although undeniably true, did not change Mommy's mind about breaking the first commandment.

Again, only time will tell my if I am teaching my children well or if I am only giving them reasons to put me in a third-rate nursing home in the future. To quote my own father, "You guys didn't come with a manual, you know!" The man speaks truth.


Qtpies7 said...

Oh, the joys of parenting! Did you see my heaven discussion with Trinity? LOL
Now is not the time to worry that they are understanding it all. They will get it as they grow. you are doing great!

Chandelle said...

I love that Jesus was wearing his blue blankie!

In our household, we talk about "little g" gods versus the real God that we worship because He loved and created us!

You are doing great! Always be willing to talk with them, even if it is difficult discussions!

aftergrace said...

It will all work out in the end. You are laying a foundation of faith that will make sense to them in a few years. Hang in there!

Scribbit said...

I've thought life would be so much easier with a handbook though I suppose in many ways you have scripture that IS the handbook right?

Lilibeth said...

I'll admit, some of the sayings of Jesus are difficult to understand, but I never questioned the blanket. At least I don't remember it. It's only a natural thought for a little tyke, though, and I wonder why more children don't ask it.