Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Crazy Life - Updated

"I have to poo. Keep guard of my Freshnut Pinecone."

This is something I just heard from my sweet, little boy.

Do you want details? I didn't think so.

Update: Since details were indeed requested, here's the basic information.

Zaya was playing with his safety scissors and some blue paper and created this roughly pinecone shaped object, with little slits all around the edges. When he brought it to me I asked him to "tell me about it" and he said. "It's a Freshnut Pinecone!" I'm pretty sure he just made that up at the exact moment I asked for an explanation. Anyway, the excitement of his creation was to much for him, so he laid down the aforementioned paper flora and said, "I have to poo. Keep guard of my Freshnut Pinecone." I agreed to do so, and he ran off to the bathroom. As soon as things were accomplished to his satisfaction, he requested the return of his creation, and looking at it with pride, said, "Yup. This sure is a Freshnut Pinecone!"

So, now you know. Do you feel more fulfilled?


Erica said...

ha! thanks for the laugh, I needed one today.

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

um, no. you can keep the details to yourself! ROFL!!!

aftergrace said...

Boys will be boys!

Qtpies7 said...

You underestimate us. I may not want to hear how the poo came out, but what is a freshnut pinecone?

Lilibeth said...

I want details.

Lilibeth said...